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May 2017

Great News!! Design and Prototype Phase- “The Pack”

I am happy to announce that we are currently working on designing and prototyping a backpack for everyday use.  I carry a backpack pretty much everywhere I go, whether is to work, backpacking, to the gym, to the beach, going… Continue Reading →

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Are you ready for a break from routine? Don’t think about it, TRAVEL!

Are you ready for a break from work, school, routine or life situations? Are you jealous of looking at others going away on vacations? You seem to be ready to take what I call a “Sabbatical” – it can be… Continue Reading →

General Guidelines for Travel

Sticky post

Whether you are traveling for a weekend or a few months always keep in mind some basic rules that will make your life easier and safer. General Guidelines for travel: First and most important rule, DONT HESITATE AND DO IT! GO… Continue Reading →

Let’s get your Pack ready!

Your pack is your best friend when traveling, make sure you are as efficient and smart about it. For the past year, I have lived either out of my suitcase because of my job or my backpack when I traveled… Continue Reading →

Tips and cheats for Nomads and “Road Warriors”

If you have to be away from home frequently or extended periods of time traveling, weather it’s because of work or pleasure, you are going to need some tips to help you go through it. I know, because I went through… Continue Reading →

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