Packing = light, comfortable shoes and clothing but conservative

Food  = D

People = C

Go-again?= C

Cost = A

So far I enjoyed Shanghai more than I did Beijing.  I compare Shanghai with NY just 5 times better.  Its cleaner and more modern. Great place for shopping and food (Xi Tian Di South Block area), visit the skyscrapers and taking a boat tour at the river. Be aware of pollution everywhere in China, its real! I also recommend finding  tour guide, because of the language and how overwhelming it can be (there are many guides that will provide this service really cheap).  They know where to go so you don’t waste time. I didn’t have to struggle with language, driving or looking for places. I was able to customize the places I wanted to visit and they made it happen.

If you are staying for longer time, Shanghai is one of the countries that I recommend if you are looking for extra cash, since you can be an English tutor for $100 an hr per kid.

Must do:

  • Bullet Train – fastest in the world
  • WFC
  • Jinmao Tower
  • Huangpu River
  • The Bund
  • Noodle making classes




Packing = Comfortable shoes and clothing, pack light but conservative

Food  = D

People = C

Go-again?= C

Cost = A


Beijing has a lot to offer, but I recommend paying a tour guide.  Traffic is massive and you don’t want to be lost and waste lots of time.  Also, guides get better deals and do shorter lines.  The food can be a challenge since it is hard to tell what you are really eating. In many markets it is easy to see anything from worms,

In a city with 22 Million people it can be overwhelming, but

Must see:

  • Tiannanmen Square
  • Forbbden City
  • Summer Palace
  • Olympic Site
  • Temple of Heaven
  • Great Wall – there are multiple entry points. Some are better than others. So ask for options.





Packing =

Food  = C-

People = C-

Go-again?= D

Cost = A


Totally worth visiting this region.  Smaller than the Shanghai and Beijing, you will feel somehow normal again (there are still 4 million people combined).  I called this the country side, because of the natural beauties.  Getting around is not hard.  The boat ride around the lake is a must and even more, is the night show.  SPECTACULAR!

Must See:

  • Lingering Gardens
  • West Lake and The Impression West Lake Show
  • The Impression West Lake Show