United States


A must go park in the US.  Well known for the Half Dome Mountain, its one of the most visited parks.  There are many trails to hike from couple of hours to couple of days, and medium to extremely hard.  About 2 hour drive from Sacramento, once you get to the Valley visit the visitor center for information, maps and safety instructions.  The easiest way is to stay at the village, but spaces are limited and there aren’t too many options nearby.  I found an Air B&B but it was still 35 mins away.  Plan your trip and trail ahead of time to make the most of your day.

San Francisco is one of the must see cities in California. Known as the Bay area, it is the Gate to San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose, among others.  Very populated, heavy traffic, and very expensive, but one of the most diverse areas in the US. You will find everything here for entertainment, sports, art, food, sightseeing, dance, party, you name it!  I rented a car and toured around Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. You  can fly or take a bus, but I found it inefficient. AirB&B was great way to find cheap stays.

San Fransisco Bay Area

Washington, DC

Our Nation’s Capital.  Best thing, FREE MUSEUMS!   I highly recommend renting the red bikes you will see around, they are strategically located near museums or monuments so you can easily hop on/off into the next attraction.  There is a lot to see and it could be far sometimes, so the bike will save you time and energy.  It can be expensive, but find AirB&B, or stay right outside of DC.  Uber/Lyft will be your friend for transportation, but the Metro and buses are within reach as well to major point of interest

Lots and lots of local restaurants, sports, bars, hotels, nightlife, shows, concerts, etc. search for local events.

Reflecting Pool, Washington DC


Vail is located about 100 miles (160 Km) from the Denver International Airport. It will take you about 3 hours to drive up the mountains, but once you get there is one of nicest places you will ever visit.  The set up is very nice, the village is great to eat, shop and enjoy music and night life.  I enjoy that everyone is an “outdoor” person and the vibe is great. I will say that its pricey but its worth it.  I recommend renting a nearby house for 10+ and split the price (it saves a lot of money). If you go this route, then make sure someone can drive you to town every morning and pick you up in the afternoon since parking can be expensive as well. Lionshead and Vail Village has everything you need for skiing, or snowboarding from gear rental, classes and shops.

Vail, Colorado