Are you ready for a break from routine? Don’t think about it, TRAVEL!

Are you ready for a break from work, school, routine or life situations? Are you jealous of looking at others going away on vacations?

You seem to be ready to take what I call a “Sabbatical” – it can be weeks up to years

  1. The General Guidelines is critical for you! – read it.
  2. Get a one way ticket – Stop thinking about it, book a one way ticket (this will force you to get going), as you plan your route, start booking subsequent transportation methods, and then get a return flight when you are ready to go back home.
  3. No Money, No Problem – one of the biggest concerns for people is financial.  Well, I can tell you there are tons of blogs that talk about this (see my News section).  If you are going to travel for a while, it might be worth thinking about selling your stuff (car, furniture, electronics, etc), that’s easy money.  Another option is to can come up with a budget from your savings and travel as much as you can until you run out of budget money. Remember you can find a job while traveling (agriculture, tutoring, language classes, gym classes, among others). Remember traveling doesn’t have to be expensive, find flights to alternate smaller airports, flight red-eyes, air B&B, hostels, ride bikes and no fancy eating are ways to save money.
  4. Have a route and goals – most of the time people already know where they want to go, especially on shorter trips. However, if you just have “an idea” of places you would like to hit, then I recommend setting milestones to force you to get to the next place, town, country, etc. Otherwise you might be staying in one place longer than expected and run out of time (this is not an issue if you so choose to stay at one location longer than expected because you are having a blast or found what you were looking for).
  5. Don’t carry all your belongings all the time – if you are visiting a particular city for couple of days, you should unload your heavy or not-critical stuff at your lodging place. Lodging places usually have lockers or storage rooms for this sole purpose. Always keep in mind to make sure its safe, and maybe be nice to (or even tip) the front desk person.  That’s one reason I carry a lock, in case it need it to secure my items in a locker. It helps!
  6. Ask locals and others that you meet– as I mentioned before, you will be surprised on how many people are doing the same thing as you are. Ask them what they are doing, where are they going and where should you go.
  7. Have something to read – buy a guide, book, e-readers, newspapers or magazine. This will not only keep you entertain, but it can also give you valuable information of the place you are visiting.
  8. You don’t have to travel alone – find friends who also want to travel, even if for a portion of your trip, or start with places where you already have friends to visit.  This will get you going, you won’t feel alone or lost, and they will give you advice.  Once you get the hang of it after couple of days you will feel a lot more confident to continue on your own if necessary.
  9. Act like a local, blend-in– if you are in a tourist area, airport or station, looking like you are lost could make you a target.  Always be assertive about where you are going and what you want to do. If you need a moment to get back on track, calmly walk to the closest store or public locale and then pull out any maps, gps, cellphone etc.  You don’t want others knowing what you are carrying with you while you are in the middle of the street.
  10. Airfares – there are many website to look for travel (they are all the same price), and usually booking with the straight with airline is the best option.  However, use those website to browse around for which airline has the best price.  Also, if a particular route is expensive, try another route which layover at the city you are wishing to travel; book that trip and get off at the city you want.
  11. More tips arriving soon!


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