Great News!! Design and Prototype Phase- “The Pack”

I am happy to announce that we are currently working on designing and prototyping a backpack for everyday use.  I carry a backpack pretty much everywhere I go, whether is to work, backpacking, to the gym, to the beach, going outdoors, hiking, playing sports, day at the park…. you name it!  everywhere!  Unfortunately, I was never able to find one backpack that had all the features that I wanted or needed. That’s when I got tired or looking and spending money, and decided to create my own.

Without revealing too many details, the concept is that it wont be only for backpacking, nor only the gym, nor only for work…. but a backpack that you can use anywhere!

Some of the major issues I had with backpacks was either too heavy, too pretty, too rough, not good quality, not enough pockets, too small, etc. So my Backpack will be light, versatile, materials that look good at the office but also outdoors and with the flexibility to transform into the backpack you need for your particular situation.

Please stay tuned for more information, photos and release dates.



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