Transportation = A+

Food  = B-

People = B

Go-again?= C-

Cost = B

Must see:

  • House of Ann Frank (buy tickets online ahead of time!!!!)
  • Red light district (walk by it even if you are not into that kind of thing)
  • Museums – (Van Gogh, Stedelijk, Ridjk and Amsterdam)
  • PIcture at the I love Amsterdam sign
  • Vondelpark
  • Ride a bike


My best advise it to the the I am Amsterdam City Pass, you get a lot for the low price, including transportation, discounts, passes and museum entrances among other treats.

Be prepared to see at least 100,000 bikes on every corner. Its impressive.

Very easy to get from and to the airport or train station, use public transportation while in the city (tram cars) are accessible, cheap and reliable.  Very safe to tour around the city, even at night. Always carry an umbrella, poncho or jacket because weather is unpredictable.  The famous red light district must be visited at least to get a glimpse of what goes on in there, however if you want something more peaceful then visit Vondelpark, which is pretty, peaceful and right at the city (without feeling in the city) or take the boat ride that goes through the canals(gives a great view of the city).  My trip was short and sweet, hit the major points and would consider visiting again.