Tips and cheats for Nomads and “Road Warriors”

If you have to be away from home frequently or extended periods of time traveling, weather it’s because of work or pleasure, you are going to need some tips to help you go through it.

I know, because I went through it and I wish I had someone to tell me how to prepare for this.

What to do when you have to live literally out of your backpack or suitcase?

Below Guidelines

Nomads and “Road Warriors” – this is the type that has a home but its constantly on the road from place to place. (e.g. your work requires you to go to a different city every week)

  1. If its not broke, don’t fix it – One of the hardest challenges of being on the road is loneliness, so unless you are feeling adventurous, try to stick with the same things that are working for you.That way you will feel like you belong somewhere (and somewhat an “at home” feeling. If you liked the car you rented last time, ask for the same car.  If you loved your hotel last trip, go back to the same hotel and ask for the same room.  Go back to the same restaurant or bar that you enjoyed previously.
  2. Eating – this might be the second toughest thing to do when you are on the road.  Its easy to get caught-up with all the fast foods and junk food. Make a plan and keep up with your eating.  I always try to only have 1 big meal per day. When knowing there is a big dinner meeting, then don’t stuff yourself for lunch and vice versa.  Hotels offers low calorie breakfasts such as cereal, fruits and yogurt. Avoid having 3 big meals a day and you will be fine.
  3. Stick to a loyalty program – when traveling a constantly, its is important to have someone to bail you out when there is trouble, plus you can accumulate points while doing so. For example, even when a plane ticket is cheaper with another airline, I stick to the one I have loyalty points with since I have the flexibility and benefit of changing a trip for free(or lower penalty) in case I need to leave earlier or later. Even better when that loyalty company has more flight out of that airport, since in the event there is a cancel flight, I can still get to my destination on another flight or through other route. Also, most of the time you start meeting and seeing the same people over and over, and therefore a bond is created and you are more prone to get better deals, special treatment and even a new friend.
  4. Transportation – weigh out all out all your possibilities (train vs plane, Uber vs taxi, etc). But find the right one for you and stick with it. Some examples,  get to know a taxi driver and call the same one every time, if you rent transportation make sure is comfortable and reliable for your type of trip (get a 4×4 if driving in snow or mountain, or have enough storage for equipment, luggage, etc, if driving long distances get a nice car with nice seats and Bluetooth capabilities to hook up your phone or music, always think of gas consumption and parking space).
  5. Find time for you – if you have meetings from Monday to Friday, try to fly couple of days in advance to explore the are (especially if it’s a nice city).  Find things to do, places to eat in sight seeing if you can do around town. This will get you a fresh start for your week. You can also state a couple of days after to enjoy the area.
  6. Hotels – if you want to boost your loyalty status, usually the easiest way is to get more “stays” rather than “days”.  For example, usually you stay 4 nights in a hotel that only counts for 1 stay.  However, you need less “Stays” than “days” to reach next level status.  Solution, ask your front desk to chech you out and back in every day which will give you 4 stays and 4 nights.
  7. Leaving hotel early – its better to ask for forgiveness, than ask for permission, so if you are not sure how many night you need at one location, always overbook.  That way you secure those extra day(s) rather than having to extend (I’ve been left out of a room because it was booked when I asked for an extra night).
  8. Airfare – if the departure time you want is the most expensive that particular day, if you have any kind of status (or even if you do not have one), buy the cheapest ticket that day and go to the airport at the time you do want to fly and ask for a stand-bye ticket.   It worked for me dozens of times.
  9. Working out – hotels usually have gym facility and/or pool.  However if that’s not your style ask the front desk if they partner-up with any local gym or classes. Usually local gyms will allow out of town visitor a one-free visit. So go around to all possible gyms before you pay for a workout. I carry a TRX with me since it fits everywhere and can be hang from any door and get a quick but great workout.
  10. More tips in the making………………….Stand by.


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